Super Simple Membership Growth

Tony Bacigalupo | Major mindset shifts and simple tactics for easily attracting members.
Ryan Chatterton
December 11, 2018
1 hour video
Tony Bacigalupo

This webinar series brings the world’s top coworking leaders to the masses. Each webinar takes us deep into a topic that will help your community grow, get you past a difficult challenge, or scale your business. Perhaps all three. This time we’re teaming up with Tony Bacigalupo of New Work Cities to talk about how to attract members with simple and effective tactics. We recorded this webinar a while back, and we apologize for the delay in releasing it. However, it was definitely worth the wait.

A coworking space is about so much more than a desk—it’s about being a part of something bigger and more meaningful than we could have alone. But growing our spaces is key to staying sustainable, and to serving more of the people we’re trying to impact.

And yet, growth is the #1 issue most coworking spaces struggle with.

How do you stand out from all the other spaces in your area? With many potential new members working from home or cafes, what can you do to get them in the door?

The secret starts right at the beginning—with how people discover your space and are invited to become a part of it. If you make the relationship about participating in a network that will help members grow their businesses, rather than just about renting space, you'll be well on your way.

In this action-oriented workshop, Tony shares the fundamental shift you must make to attract more of the right members for your space, and the handful of simple actions you can take right now to build the community you’ve always wanted.


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