Strength in Numbers

Ashley Proctor | Unlocking the power of collaborative alliances and building coworking collectives for greater impact.
Ryan Chatterton
March 12, 2019
1 hour video

This webinar series brings the world’s top coworking leaders to the masses. Each webinar takes us deep into a topic that will help your community grow, get you past a difficult challenge, or scale your business. Perhaps all three. This time we were pleased to have Ashley Proctor of GCUC Canada, COHIP, and Creative Blueprint teach us all about the power of coworking collectives and how working together results in greater impact.

Are you thinking of starting a coworking collective in your city? Is it time to refresh and reanimate your local alliance? Are your community members getting the most out of your network of partnerships? Coworking maven Ashley Proctor will guide you through the collaborative process, sharing successful models and collective projects from around the world. 

This webinar will help you navigate local politics, engage your potential collaborators, form a collective, build trust, and leverage your strength in numbers. Step by step, we’ll design a blueprint to help you navigate your next collective project.

About Ashley Proctor

As one of the original voices of the coworking movement, Ashley Proctor has been building collaborative communities since 2003. Ashley designed and launched the Xpace (2004), Creative Blueprint (2006, 2015), and Foundery (2011) coworking communities, artist studios & event spaces in Toronto, Canada and Seattle, USA. As one of the founding members of the Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario collectives, Ashley also created COHIP — the world’s first Coworking Health Insurance Plan.

For the past 3 years, Ashley served as the Executive Director of 312 Main, leading a team to establish a community-driven Centre for Social and Economic Innovation in the heart of the Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Ashley continues to shape the coworking industry as the Executive Producer of GCUC Canada, partner of the Global Coworking Unconference.

As an artist and serial entrepreneur, Ashley is in her element while destroying the term ‘impossible’ and creating opportunities for meaningful connections and change. She adores her work travelling internationally to speak about coworking, and is currently consulting on impactful collaborative projects with community builders and activists around the world.

About Creative Blueprint

Led by Ashley Proctor, Creative Blueprint provides independent consulting services, specializing in the coworking movement, business development, community building, economic development, fundraising, entrepreneurship, the sharing economy, shared workspace, workplace design, social innovation, startups, multi-use space, the independent & remote workforce, creative partnerships, regional alliances, inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability and the future of work.

About GCUC Canada

The Canadian edition of the Global Coworking Unconference (GCUC) always delights with a unique regional twist. All the highlights of a traditional conference along with the interactive unconference experience; it’s a rare and valuable opportunity for deeper dives, and peer-to-peer learning with a diverse group of passionate delegates. There is no better way to learn and to launch than from the shoulders of giants. At this annual coworking community favourite, we collectively shape the new work landscape.


COHIP is the world's first Coworking Health Insurance Plan, designed to provide affordable and accessible health, dental, disability, term life and travel insurance. COHIP is available to all artists, independent workers and small businesses across Canada.

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