Coworking Europe 2017

Building coworking muscle through face-to-face connection.
Ryan Chatterton
October 23, 2017
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We're off again to another Coworking Europe conference. Read on to find out why we simply can't stay away. Did I mention there are pictures!

Some things work better when you do them in person. Buying a pair of shoes, proposing to your partner, and cheering on your favorite football team to name a few. It’s the same with our professional relationships, especially in the coworking world.

Sure, we try to keep in touch with people on Skype, Facetime or email, but over time the conversations become fewer and farther between. If we meet somebody once and try to stay in contact remotely, the relationship soon fades into memory.

In fact, many new coworking founders and managers have never even met another coworking professional! So they end up navigating the murky waters of coworking management on their own, with little guidance. This can be a recipe for loneliness or hard times.

The best way to avoid hard times is to build your coworking muscles. And the best way to do that, other than by running your space, is to spend quality time with other knowledgeable and experienced coworking folks. They can tell you about the times they failed and the things they wished they’d known when starting. They can provide you with tips and tricks for running events effectively, or tactics for getting more members. But perhaps the best part of connecting with other coworking people is that you’ll realize you’re not crazy! Sure, coworking is fun and exciting, but it’s tough at times. By spending time with other coworking people, you learn you’re not the only one that feels this way.

Lunchtime at Coworking Europe 2016 is often the best time to meet new people. Also, the food is excellent. Yum!

Coworking conferences provide the best chance to connect and reinforce your coworking knowledge, and that’s why it’s so important to attend Coworking Europe 2017. On November, 8th, more than 400 coworking professionals will gather in Dublin, Ireland, to have in-person conversations, share meals, and exchange ideas.

Coworking Europe 2016, Session 1: "transform your #coworking hub into the centre of the local ecosystem" @KarinaSepp @coworklisboa @DITelegraph @FactoryCampus

Habu attended Coworking Europe last year, and we can safely say it’s a fantastic learning and sharing experience for all professionals in our industry. During our time at CWE and other events, we’ve made valuable connections to thought leaders who have become influential allies as we spread the word about our platform. We’ve met coworking founders who are now customers of ours. And we’ve started several essential partnership conversations with other service providers.

We formed our very own custom coworking tour and group. Can’t nobody tell us how to tour coworking spaces in Brussels! @deskmag @liveventi @coworkinsights

Regardless of where you’re coming from in the coworking world, nothing beats an in-person chance encounter. It could be that technological solution you’ve been seeking. It could be a new business model idea. It could be a new partner or customer. It could merely be a new friend on a separate, but familiar journey. In any case, Coworking Europe 2017 is the place to be for coworking people that want to make things happen moving forward into 2018.

We hope to see you there!

It’s party time! The small group of people who could be bothered to come outside for a photo op during the CWE16 closing party.
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