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Habu takes the headache out of hotdesk management.
Ryan Chatterton
May 9, 2017
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It's time for another Habu feature release! This time we've added hotdesks and check-ins to the Habu repertoir. Read on to see what all the excitement is about.

After a lot of planning and hard work, we’re very excited to release Habu’s newest and possibly most anticipated feature: Hot Desks and Check-ins! With this addition, shared space managers can keep on top of their members’ use of flexible workspaces. In this article, we’ll go over the changes that have been made to bring hot desks and check-ins into Habu.

New Space Type: Flexible Spaces

Until now, Habu specialised in offering Bookable Spaces. These are typically spaces used for short periods of time, such as meeting rooms and event spaces that are booked by one person for bigger groups of people. The addition of member check-ins has enabled us to create a new type of space in Habu, Flexible Spaces.

Flexible Spaces are now added to the Spaces screen.

Flexible Spaces are your spaces such as open coworking areas or hot desks. Members don’t need and aren’t assigned a specific desk or work area. They can work wherever they want. However, keeping track of a members' use of the space based on their membership subscription is the key thing. By design, the check-in feature beautifully dovetails with member allowances ensuring that you stay on top of managing a coworking hub.

Check-ins are done quickly and simply from the admin panel.

Habu tracks time as you check members in and out of your space.

Check out the help documentation in the Flexible Spaces section of our help library for all the ins and outs of check-ins and hotdesking. You're also welcome to book in a demo with one of the Habu team here too.

What Took So Long aka Our Approach to Product Development

You might be thinking, “Hey, shouldn’t this already be a feature in Habu?”

And yes, you’re right it should be. Or rather, we'd have liked to have released this feature a long time ago.

The reason we're releasing this feature now is based on our dedicated approach to building things the right way. Our mission is to craft software that's simple to use, yet powerful. That takes a lot of time and resources. Major features such as Hot Desks and Check-ins also require major foundational technologies to be in place. But we won't bore you with the details (unless you ask!).

Every new feature we build undergoes a rigorous strategy and development process to ensure we build Habu in a scalable way that will continue to be simple and incredibly fast for years to come.

This often means we don’t have the extraneous features that some other tools might have, but it also means that our features work better and faster and that Habu is easier to navigate.

We’ll continue to add new features to Habu with this same ethos: a dedication to simplicity and a focus on what’s most important for coworking spaces and community managers.

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