Building Happy Communities

How coworking spaces can be anchors for communal wellbeing and neighborhood development
Ryan Chatterton
September 18, 2018
3 min read

This webinar series brings the world’s top coworking leaders to the masses. Each webinar takes us deep into a topic that will help your community grow, get you past a difficult challenge, or scale your business. Perhaps all three. This time we’re working with Mike Zeidler of Funky Spaces and Happy City to learn how coworking spaces can be anchors for happiness and impact.

When: Thursday September 27th, 2018 @ 10:00 AM EST (New York) / 15:00 BST (London)

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Details: Why do we create coworking spaces? What are we hoping to accomplish? The truth is, coworking spaces have the potential for huge impact on cities and local neighborhoods. They can create wellbeing, connection, and yes, communal happiness. Coworking spaces can help communities thrive.

In this webinar and discussion we’d like to tackle this huge topic of happiness and communal thriving, through the lens of those creating community hubs, coworking spaces, and entrepreneurial incubators. Let’s discuss how we can use our main resource, our coworking space, to create more opportunity and a better quality of life, not just for our members, but for our larger communities and regions.

In the webinar we’ll discuss the following:

  • What a Happy City looks and feels like
  • The Thriving Places Index
  • The power of collaborative action (e.g. collaboration between coworking spaces and other community partners)
  • How coworking spaces can become impactful anchors for better cities

Mike will do a short presentation, then we’ll discuss via Q&A and personal sharing!

IMPORTANT: This webinar will be recorded and published. While it's not typical for attendees to end up on screen, it is possible. By participating, you are granting permission to publish your likeness if you end up on screen. So if you need a haircut or want to avoid saying something embarrassing, think ahead. 👌

About Mike Zeidler

Mike has worked in corporate responsibility, community engagement and social enterprise since 1993. As Assistant Chief Exec at the Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative, he brokered practical partnership projects between private, public and voluntary sectors to address future focussed issues. After directing the South West region for Business in the Community, he formed modoto ltd in 2003 to support change-makers and innovators with leadership challenges. In 2005 he founded the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, in 2006 he established the first UK 'franchise' of The Hub and the coworking Funky Spaces Network. He co-founded the Happy City Initiative in 2010.

About Funky Spaces

Funky Spaces is a platform for work, event and community spaces with a commitment to 'doing good' and a certain sparkle that makes them special. Coordinated by change agency modoto it showcases some of the best flexible and affordable offices, hot desks and meeting rooms our cities have to offer.

About Happy City

Founded in 2010, Happy City is a small UK charity with a big mission: to ‘make what matters count’. It offers a place-based model of change that puts the wellbeing of current and future generations centre stage.  It does this by developing new measures of progress and delivering training, projects and campaigns to help embed them into how places work.  Based in Bristol, Happy City is now working with organisations large and small from the public, private and community sector, right around the UK.  We have received interest in our work from around the world.

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