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Alex Hillman | How to recruit and build the coworking team of your dreams.
Ryan Chatterton
June 7, 2018
Alex Hillman

We were delighted to host another live webinar with the wonderful Alex Hillman of Indy Hall fame, on May 9th, 2018. This time Alex talked all about recruitment and how to build a superb coworking team. If you weren’t able to attend, or you simply want to review what you learned, we recorded the whole thing for your viewing pleasure!

Here’s Alex’s take on the webinar:

Hiring sucks. Finding great people for your team is tough in any industry, but staffing your coworking space is extra tricky. Most potential candidates have never run a coworking space before, and many spaces struggle with staff retention.

In this talk, I share how Indy Hall has completely flipped the hiring process on its head with repeated successes. I also go into specific details about how Indy Hall's most recent hire was chosen from over 70 applicants. You'll get a peek at the exact forms, tools and emails our team used to get feedback like ‘this was the best decline email I've gotten, EVER.’”

So whether you’re looking to hire your first employee, or looking for better practices as your team grows, you can’t afford to miss Alex’s incredible insights.

Some notes: The video begins with a short intro about myself, and this series of webinars we’re producing. If you already know that stuff, you can skip straight to Alex at 2:06. Also, Alex has provided these resources for hiring your next teammate as a part of the webinar. Enjoy!

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