Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Alex Hillman | How to win when your community is forced to move.
Ryan Chatterton
March 26, 2018
1 min read
Indy Hall

We hosted a live webinar with Alex Hillman on March 7th, 2018 all about the journey Alex and his community took to relocate Indy Hall after they were forced to move in 2016. But don’t worry if you missed it! You can still watch it because we recorded the whole thing.

The webinar is filled with useful tips on managing member expectations, finding the perfect space (spoiler: the perfect space is a myth), taking a hands-on approach to your space fit-out, and a whole lot more. Whether you’re in the unfortunate position of a forced move or are looking for your first space, Alex’s insights will help you turn a potentially daunting situation into a positive opportunity for your community’s growth and evolution.

Some notes: The video begins with a short intro about myself, about Habu, and our reasoning behind doing this webinar with Alex on this particular topic. When the screen switches to Alex at 3:16, the video is a little laggy for about one and a half minutes, so bear with it for that and know that it's smooth sailing from there. Enjoy!


Don’t miss out: We’ll be doing another live webinar with Alex in the very near future! So make sure you keep an eye on our blog and social media to register.

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