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Managing bookings and building buzzing coworking spaces just got a whole lot easier.
business centres.
meeting rooms.
maker spaces.
your members.
Habu is for

Game changing hub management tools

Flexible workspaces are awesome, but running them can drive you crazy. Which is why we created Habu.

It’s built by people who know your pain. Beautifully designed to make managing bookings, payments and spaces effortless and fun. And ready to get you utilising your spaces way better.

Let’s go!

Less hassle, more happiness

Reduce admin. Maximise bookings. Get more out of life.
See exactly what’s  happening where and when
Habu’s powerful calendar gives you an elegant vantage point over your spaces, bookings, contacts and resources, allowing you to choose the view you need.
Using Habu is like gaining a superpower.

See each space in detail as well as having clear overviews. No more stacked, chaotic views of bookings. Just powerful, flexible ways of seeing the information that matters to you.
  • View bookings in dedicated calendars for each space 
  • Search across meetings, events, hotdesks, offices and more
  • See how well space is utilised
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Manage more bookings with less effort
Habu delivers a great booking experience for users, from enquiry through to payment. Reduce admin, look a lot more professional, and stay in control every step of the way.
Imagine a peaceful, efficient place. That’s Habu.

Tracking bookings can drive the best of us to despair. Fortunately Habu is here. So forget all those unstructured booking request emails you receive. Or those emails that simply get lost in the machine. We’ve got your back. Habu helps you stay on top of bookings from enquiry through to follow-up emails after the event. Suddenly you’ll wonder what all the pain was about.
  • Create embeddable booking forms
  • Set up automated bookings
  • Display space availability calendars
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Making it easy for new members
Great relationships are the heart of every thriving venue. Habu makes it easy to get new users signed up and encourages members to get involved with what’s happening across your hub.
Habu is a space where your community can come alive.

The secret of a happy hub is the community that makes it. But communities don’t just happen by themselves. With Habu we’re all about keeping it simple so new members can join quickly and easily. Your members have access to the power of the Members App to make quick bookings, manage plans, see who’s in, and what’s happening.
  • Simple sign ups 
  • Create payment plans easily using the plan builder 
  • The Members App
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Get on top of payments
No more chasing late payments or forgetting to invoice. Habu supports instant and monthly payments, keeps track of all of your billing and connects into your online accounting software.
Money. You might as well control it, or it’ll control you.

Your priority might not be making stacks of cash. But staying on top of the money side of things is key to keeping doing what you do. With Habu you’ll never forget to invoice or have to chase late payments. Take instant payments for meeting rooms or set up recurring billing for membership plans. Invoicing? We’ve got that covered too. Habu also integrates with the best online accounting software, making it super simple to keep track of payments.
  • Online payments 
  • Invoicing 
  • Accountancy integration 
  • Recurring billing
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Analyse how well you’re doing – and do better
If you don’t know your utilisation patterns, you can’t improve them. Habu gives you real insights into what’s happening over time in your hub, allowing you to spot your opportunities for growth.

Members App

Arriving September 2016
Bookings… a rich automated experience
Who thought that booking a room could be enjoyable? The Members App is a dynamic and sleek way for your members to book spaces. It's all about a great experience for them while making your life easier.
Empower your Members
The app allows your members to manage their details, change or add extras to their membership plans, check their current spend, past invoices, and make bookings... all without you doing a thing. Phew...
Want to nurture community building? The Habu Members App helps members break the ice and accelerate conversations by sharing profiles. Members can see who's in the hub today and find out more about the people and businesses that make your hub great.


We're passionate about making our customers happy. One of the rewards for us is that our customers are passionate about Habu too!
"If you manage workspaces like we do & have tried Google Docs or looked at overpriced software, check out Habu - it's a game-changer."
Dan Simon | Interim Spaces, London
"Habu is an incredibly sleek and user friendly platform. Running a 4 storey Co-Working and Studio space it’s imperative for us to easily support & manage our members alongside our bookings. Habu is an essential tool for our business, allowing us to save time on the day-to-day management and therefore focus on the bigger picture"
Georgina Mallabar | Red Brick House & PaperARTS, Bristol
" we're delighted to be using your smashing software! Less admin, more #tabletennis we say! "
Techhub Swansea
“I think the reason I like Habu so much is that they've developed this system as participants in the world of coworking, fully understanding what the issues are because they've lived it."
Mike Zeidler | Happy City Hub, Bristol
"The availability calendar on our webpage & booking form is brilliant"
Sarah Mason | Kambe House, Bristol
“I’ve always found Habu to be intuitive and easy to use. The overall design is great too - very fresh! The team are good with support and responding to our needs at Tec Marina. And as a beta user, I’m pretty excited by their latest developments and seeing what’s next.”
Natalie Rowley | Tec Marina, Cardiff

Pricing Guide

When it comes to pricing we think it's size that counts. With Habu you simply pay based on how many bookable spaces you've got and that's it.

We also understand that it's tough deciding which software you want to use to help run your hub with. We think Habu is a pretty fresh and exciting tool in the world of flexible workspaces, a tool that you'll make friends with. And in the unlikely event that you don't, we offer a 45 day money back guarantee.
Small Hub
per month
up to
20 bookable spaces
Medium Hub
per month
up to
50 bookable spaces
Bigger Hub
per month
up to
100 bookable spaces
One size doesn't fit all, so feel free to get in touch with us if you've got more than 100 spaces, are not-for-profit, or are simply just starting out.
What is a bookable space?
It's any space that you manage through Habu. If you manage have 1 event space, 2 meeting rooms, 10 offices and 20 hotdesks we treat this as 33 spaces. If you add spaces that exceeds your plan allowance then we'll nudge you about moving you up to a more suitable plan.
Do you have a free trial?
Not currently. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like a demo for a detailed look at Habu. We also offer a 45 day money back guarantee. So if you're not happy with Habu, fret not, we'll refund you & still be friends.
How many members or admins can I have?
As many as you like as we think the more the merrier!
How long is the contract?
You can cancel anytime you like and we'll even help you export your data. Cancellations take effect at the end of the cycle i.e. we won't take another payment.
What if I need a feature you don't have
Our mission is to make the best space management software that's ever existed. And to make that so we've got a stack of great features lined up. If there's a feature you need or would like, let us know.
How do I get in touch
You can email us at, call us on +44 (0) 117 2993998, chat with us on Skype or use the support icon on the bottom right corner and say "Hi".
Do you offer training?
With Habu you can get up and running by yourself, using the support docs and videos. For any specific questions just click the icon on the bottom right corner and ask away. If you'd like any training sessions, data importing or help with integrations then let us know. We're here to help!
Do you have prices in other currencies?
We currently charge in US dollars and will shortly add British Pounds and Euros. Our prices include 20% UK sales Tax (VAT).
Habu Integrates with: